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We are performance strategists!

We are professionals who specialise in the development and implementation of strategies to optimise individual, team and organisational performance, through talks, coaching, workshops and interventions.

We partner with stakeholders across various organisational levels to identify performance gaps, define objectives and design interventions aimed at improving leadership and team productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Our service include inter alia: Leadership development | Team cohesion and performance strategies | diversity, equity, and inclusion | Change management | Conflict management.

We believe that effective leadership builds cohesive teams, which in turn become the lifeblood of a thriving organisation. Therefore, we provide leadership capacity development and team cohesion strategy interventions, in the form of one on one or small group coaching sessions, talks and workshops.

parallax background

Who we are

Joey Mongalo

Joey is a former Bulls, Junior Springbok rugby player and current professional rugby coach. He holds a masters degree in Industrial and organisational psychology. He utilises his knowledge and experience in sport and psychology to create effective, practical and measurable coaching sessions, talks, workshops and interventions for organisations and teams. Leadership capacity development, team cohesion strategy and performance enhancement are the areas he's most passionate about influencing.

Zinzi Mongalo

Zinzi Mongalo is a Chartered Accountant with over a decade of corporate experience across various industries. She is particularly passionate about financial compliance and provides advisory and training to organisations seeking to excel in this space.